Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here Ya Go...

here is the not quite finished picture of the fireplace surround, if you want to see what it looked like before i started it, look here i still need to add a mantle, and the overall plan calls for bookshelves on either side with an under window seat on the right side. and it looks like i have forgotten to put on the drawer fronts.
happy hammering!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Ah Yes, i love a good long weekend with lots of shop time, and even a little time on the ice. I finally managed to finish the fireplace modules #1 and #2. but didn't catch a single fish! oh well, all time spent sitting on a bucket is precious.

anyway, we did the final sanding on the fireplace surround and primered it with a kills wall paper primer. the wife found a cool wallpaper, it looks like a rock wall, limestone or slate. then we put a small chair rail around the edge between fireplace and sheet rock. the total effect is stunning. the wife found some slate tile/rock to put down on the hearth and i mortared it in. again the overall effect is quite stunning. ill have to take home the camera tonight and get some pictures.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Farm show 2007

Yes we did the farm show again this winter. the theme was "procrastination". anyway Brandon managed to get his project completed on time, but of course a few more days would have helped the polyurethane dry better. as it was we had to bring the project inside and put it by the heater....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ok, Where Was I?

Lets see, its been awhile sense i posted. just like everyone else in the world things have been busy. anyway I'm getting back in the groove.

I have an order for 300 Pam Blocks which should be a lot of fun to make. they are simply rosette blocks for my Sister-In-Law's house but instead of the target, i am putting in little hearts! yea, i know, if i had to look at hearts every day for the rest of my life i would get pretty sick of them in a hurry. so i am setting it up so the hearts can be popped out in the future and replaced with another carving when she finally comes to her senses.

the blocks are simply 2-7/8 square with a 7/8" flat hole in the center. i am using a 1/4" round over bit to smooth out the inside edge, a 1/4" beading bit to put a little profile on the outside edge and am using a flush trim bit to shape the hearts to a template after trimming on the band saw.... can you believe that Menard's doesn't carry a decent flush trim bit? i can find a pair of socks but not a router bit? perhaps they moved the bits i want over to the paint department?

i need a new store.....

anyway ill post pics when i have a few