Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back To Work

I finally finished the built-in components for the end wall of my living room. there is still a few little things to do, like some crown molding at the top of the book cases and a cushion for the window seat. Other than that its finished!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One Confession

One confession.
(To you professional writers out there who got me into this silly thing, I apologize in advance for this post, please be nice in the comments.)

It was a dark and stormy night. The pitter patter of raindrops was punctuated with a blinding flash and the rumble of thunder. The wind could be heard whining and moaning through the exhaust vent as we both stood there looking at the crime scene.
                "Why did you do it." She demanded of me, standing there in her bath robe.
                "Just what are you talking about?" I replied in a tone of voice I usually reserved for small children who are unusually dense. "I heard you screech out and thought you were being attacked by a vampire or something".
                "You know exactly what I am talking about, there isn’t anyone else with access to this room", she countered with hands on hips and a snarl in her voice.
During the next lightning flash I glanced around the room, taking in the usual collection of implements and products designed for some sort of female ritual or diabolical torture. Everything was in its place, as near as I could tell, but with the thunder in her eyes I knew the storm was not the most dangerous thing in the area.
                "Ok, its 3am and I’m jolted from sleep, I don’t think we are communicating very well here. Do you think you can take it from the top and explain to me just what I am guilty of?"
                "Give me your hand", she stated.
                "Why" I replied
                "Just do it",
                "Ok, now what"
At this point she proceeded to take my hand and guide it, down, down to the bottom of her robe where I felt that it was dripping wet.
                With a glimmer of hope that this situation could turn out to my benefit, I asked with the utmost of sincerity "What happened to you? Are you ok?"
                "I fell in you asshole! Some jerk left the seat up again!" Her whiplash reply dashed any thoughts of a late night rondevu.
At this point in a married mans life you come to the realization that anything you say, is wrong, dead wrong. My first thought was to deny any knowledge, because honestly I have no recollection of perpetrating the crime.
Everyone should know that marriage is all about trust and sharing. She trusted that the seat would be down and now she will not be sharing for quite some time.
To make a long story even longer I will make my one confession.
                "Honey, I am so sorry but yes, it was I who left the toilet seat up!"

Two Images

Catching up today with FWG's who am I challenge. Here are my two images that describe my life right now.

A river passes through my life, ever changing, always moving. Bringing new ideas and people, friends and family along the way. Sometimes flood, sometimes drought, ever moving, always changing.

Perfect weekend

I had to think about this one for quite some time. would my weekend be a romantic get-away? A night out with friends? A cruse though the Caribbean?
nope, I don't think so. Those things would be fun and I would jump at the chance to go, but if i had my way....

I would like to spend the weekend in my wood shop. The smell of fresh cedar, the whisk of the plane, the shavings piling up along the workbench. The current project taking shape, be it a kayak, a cabinet or wooden toy. The solitude of working alone, and being happy with that. The only pressure is coming from the clamps as they hold glued up pieces to dry. The mundane tasks that keep the body busy but allow the mind to roam a bit, thinking about the future, the past, or even whats for dinner.
Yes I think that is my favorite weekend.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 11 My perfect house

How much space do we really need? How much stuff do you really have to have? As a disclaimer I do have a large garage and a large woodshop that are both separate buildings. But if I ever found myself alone, I would build and live in  a house like this.

This is the Weebee house plan from

House width: 8' Porch: 2 ½' x 2 ½'
House length: 15' Main Room: 6' x 6 ½'
Trailer Size: What's this? 7' x 14' Kitchen: 4 ½' x 4'
Road Height: 13' 5" Bathroom: 4' x 2'
Dry Weight: What's this? 4900 lbs Ceiling height: 6' 3"
all measurements are approximate Loft height: 3' 8"

The Weebee boasts the wonderful bump-out windows in the front. The interior is completely finished in pine with stainless steel counters. The exterior of this house is finished with cedar plank siding and an corrugated aluminum roof. Yes, when it rains, you can hear it. The Weebee can also be finished with board and batten siding or corrugated aluminum.

Living Room

The "living room" is flooded with light from all the windows surrounding the front of the house. The stainless steel fireplace warms the house amazingly well. The nook is large enough to store a day bed, futon, or small couch.


The kitchen features a sink, 2 burner stove top, refrigerator, and ample shelving. Below the sink, there is a small water heater, and the refrigerator. There is also space where you can store a small toaster oven or microwave if you choose.

Can I add a dishwasher or laundry to the kitchen?
The kitchen is too small, but a washer/dryer combo can be placed in the lower half of the closet (back left of living room).


The bedroom is in the loft. It is large enough to fit a queen size bed, but that said, this house is a little small for 2 people. The mattress is foam (or like kind) so that it can be rolled up and fit through the loft opening. The loft also has shelving for clothing. At its peak, the loft height is 3'-8".


Like on many boats, the bathroom is the shower … and it is called a "wet bath". We use metal diamond plate finishing on the walls that leave it with a modern look. The shower water is heated from the small water heater under the kitchen sink, and can last about 5 minutes.

The toilet is a low flush RV toilet designed to conserve water. You can easily substitute a composting toilet.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 10

I am really surprised I have stuck with this as long as I have. We are in the back stretch now folks so stay with me and it will all be over soon.

Three turn-offs.

1. Excessive drama.
2. Poor personal hygiene.
3. Fluffing the covers.....

hmmmm, yep that should do it...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day nine?

And we continue on with the who am I challenge. Today's topic is to list four turn-ons (interpret as you wish). Being a healthy male with normal tendencies, four items doesn't even touch the tip of the iceberg. You know what they say "Every time the wind blows" and I do live in South Dakota.

1. Smile.
2. Peak-a-boo tattoos.
3. Tall boots.
4. Show up naked, bring beer.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day Eight of the FWG who am I challenge

Finally these assignments are getting easier. For today I need to list:

Five ways to win your heart.

1. Smile.
2. Be honest.
3. Show you care.
4. Don't over do it.
5. Good food is never a bad idea.

Easy Cheesy Lemon Squeeze

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day Seven, still going...

Ok, today's challenge is to list out six things you wish you'd never done. Wow this is a tough one. and just like the list of people who mean a lot to me, this list is a hell of a lot longer than six.

1. Traded my Telecaster for three acoustics, never should have done that.
2. Started smoking, I've quit a few years ago but that path was a rough one.
3. Dropped out of school, I should have made college a priority.
4. Stopped playing my trombone, like they say, if you don't use it you loose it.
5. Shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die, oh wait, that wasn't me.
6. I have stepped, tromped, slandered and walked all over some people.

Gee, thanks FWG, this is turning into a nice little guilt trip. Naa, just kidding. I have learned from these poor choices and I hope have made me a better person for it.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day Six

Today's challenge is to list seven things that often cross your mind. Perhaps I am a simpleton, I don't seem to have great revelations or deep inspirations very often. My mind is not a complicated thing, when left to its own devices it tends to idle its time away with many random observations...

Seven things that often cross your mind.

1. Is it friday yet?
2. Paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle, paddle
3. What should we have for dinner....
4. Hellooooo nurse!
5. I could fix that by simply _________.
6. If the answer is 42, what really is the question?
7. There you go, another shining example why stupid people shouldn't breed.

Day Five

Another little mind game in the FWG reflections challenge. of course I'm a day late with this one but here we go.
How to spend 5 million dollars that were won in the lottery....

I think the first $200K would go to paying off the mortgage and all of the bills and perhaps a new car for the wife. Next on the list would be the immediate family's greatest needs, I think I would tell them that I would cover their biggest obligation. I have no idea how much cash that would take but just for fun lets call that a cool million. Then I would start looking at farm ground, in our area it could average around $3,000 an acre, so 640 acres is going to cost $1,920,000. Machinery and tractors are not a cheep item so we are looking at another $1,000,000. And that would leave about $800,000 for operating expenses and the rest goes in savings.
Pretty depressing when you think about it... 5 million just doesn't go as far as it use too..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day Four of the FWG's who am i challange

Today’s assignment is to list out the top 20 albums that I would want with me on a deserted island. No easy task that as I have moved into he 20th century and don’t play records anymore. I tend to pick and choose what sounds good at the moment and go with that. Anyway without cheating here we go.

20. The Baddest of George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Nothing gets the blood pumping like one bourbon, one scotch and one beer.

19.  Santana’s Supernatural. It soothes all my Latin cravings.

18. Prince, Ultimate Disk 1. Because in every life a little purple rain must fall.

17. ZZ Top, Greatest Hits. Yes I embarrass my son when I sing along.

16. Chilliwack, greatest hits. I like the beat and the tunes and “my girl” is the first song I ever heard with a Walkman in stereo.

15. Zac Brown Band, the foundation. Them boys can really play.

14. Enigma, hard to choose but I would have to go with Voyageur.

13. Nickelback, Dark horse

12. Lady Gaga, The Fame

11. The Cars, Greatest Hits.

10. Train, Save me San Francisco. My heart will always be in that City by the Bay.

9. I think this is where I want to cheat otherwise this is just turning into all my favorites oldies. For number 9 I want to burn my own CD and load it up with a little Flock of Seagulls, Golden Earring, Toto, Journey, Steve Miller, Dire Straits, and other greats of the same era.

2. Will Brady’s Album named Boxwork. If you have ever played an acoustic and want to hear a master, this one is for you.

And the number one album to be stranded with on a deserted island is…….

The sound track from Wayne’s World! Why you ask? Of all the other choices? Why this one? The answer is simple my friends….. I will need to start the fire with something….

Friday, March 09, 2012

Day Three

Today's challenge was both harder and easier than the previous two. The question is to list eight people who mean a lot to me and why (no particular order). How does do you choose just eight? There are at least a hundred more that I could list, but here are eight of them.

1. Mr Spock, who taught me logic.
2. Dad, who taught me engineering.
3. Uncle Sam, who taught me leadership.
4. Mom, who still collects newspaper clippings of me.
5. Family, who keeps the drama rolling.
6. Magnum P.I. good guys always win.
7. Mr Irons, who taught me music.
8. McGuiver......yea! I Know!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Day Two

Today's question is....

What are nine things about me that might surprise those that know me.

1. I snore after drinking or when extremely tired.
2. I have a tattoo of an eagle on my right shoulder.
3. I once attended the Columbia School of Broadcasting.
4. No, I do not think about sex 24/7.
5. My left foot is a half size smaller than my right.
6. Yes, I do like green eggs and ham.
7. I have an Army Achievement and a Commendation medal.
8. I can do a believable impression of Master Yoda.
9. I am unable to float without a life jacket.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Day one

Ten things to say to ten different people right now. In no particular order and without any context..

1. You know it might just be easier to be normal than to use so much energy to add drama to everything in your life.
2. Just because you don't want the hassle, doesn't mean that a project can't be done.
3. You have to want the help, before it will mean anything to you.
4. Please speak in full sentences, I can't read your mind.
5. Really? been there and done that.... didn't turn out so well did it?
6. Lets make this reunion a great party.
7. Darling it would never work out between us.
8. Shut it.
9. Just be a kid.
10.Working every day isn't the end of the world and the paychecks aren't bad either.

A Different Direction

The FWG has challenged everyone who reads his blog to participate in two weeks of reflection.
Everyday for the next two weeks we are supposed to respond to various questions about ourselves, some are fun and some are sort of touchy. This might be kinda fun and totally different than how I usually run this blog but for the 6 people who actually read my blog on a regular basis, this might give you another view into the man inside the workshop. So what the heck, the questions are as follows and I might even try to answer them..

Day 1: Wednesday March 7: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day 2: Thursday March 8: Nine things about yourself that might surprise people who think they know you.
Day 3: Friday March 9: Eight people who mean a lot to you and why (in no particular order).
Day 4: Saturday March 10: List your "desert island" top 20 music albums, or whatever number works for you, preferably in order! Should anthologies qualify? You decide.
Day 5: Sunday March 11: You win five million in the lottery. How, specifically, do you spend (or save) each dollar?
Day 6: Monday March 12: Seven things that often cross your mind.
Day 7: Tuesday March 13: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day 8: Wednesday March 14: Five ways to win your heart.
Day 9: Thursday March 15: Four turn-ons (interpret as you wish).
Day 10: Friday March 16: Three turn-offs.
Day 11: Saturday March 17: Build your dream home. Describe it room by room.
Day 12: Sunday March 18: Describe your ultimate perfect weekend from Friday night through Sunday.
Day 13: Monday March 19: Two images that describe your life right now and why
Day 14: Tuesday March 20: One confession.

Monday, March 05, 2012


Spent the weekend finishing up the final bookshelf for the B-man's built in bed project. We should get it installed sometime this week and I'll get some pictures up. the next project is an additional bookcase for the living room with a under window seat. I have the materials on hand and am ready to start that one.