Thursday, December 27, 2007

Better Off in a Pine Box?

interesting enough, today i saw a story in USA Today about biodegradable coffins. the story is here

I'm thinking that if you want a pine box for the last ride, i can make one for you! cost you about $200 + shipping. i can get some nice Black Hills Pine for the box, and perhaps use some rope for the handles. I'm thinking a natural finish would be linseed oil and rubbed to a nice shine. and being that you wouldn't want it to fall apart during the ceremony, ill just use a little glue and iron nails that will rust and decompose along with you.

if you want one, send me email or comment

Got it Done!

Yes! With an hour to spare, i finished the macniene shed for the nephew and made it to grandmas house in time for dinner!

dosent the sweet child look so excited? he cant wait to get it home so he can park his John Derre combine inside.
here is another closeup, shh! dont tell but i spent about $8 on this project

Monday, December 24, 2007

christmas crunch

working hard, or hardly working... for the nephew that has everything except the perfect shed for the new JD tractor in 1/16 scale... i took the picture around midnight when i ran out of trim. i think ill have it done in time, but then i always am overly optimistic.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Uncle Rog?

....can you make me a barn for my toy tractors?
not a problem, i live for this stuff!

should be able to cut this down to 1/16th scale and have it wrapped and packed for xmas in just a few hours... i just need to find a few hours to do it! thanks morton building for the pic!

can i have the next project please????

next up on the never ending to do list is a trash can for a friends kitchen..i dont have any pictures yet but will be posting as they are available

here is the plan sheet i drew up to work off of..
converting from a dwg to a jpg realy screws up the picture.. i have a great pdf of this dwg but cant get it to upload....

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Working hard....

and using that shop time most efficiently! yea, get a little time and all i do is play with a sign...

We have some friends up north who put on the biggest private fireworks event in this corner of the world. there are a lot of friends and family who camp out in the yard and the site was jokeingly refered to as "Camp Cowpie" being that it is in a pasture....

look mom what i did!!!

they should get a kick out of this