Monday, February 08, 2016

Catch UP

Ok so things sort of got out of hand there for awhile... the WoodDuck 12 is complete and delivered.
Plywood ripped under pressure
Temporary spacers and bulkhead
The wood duck is a hybrid plan from CLC with a plywood bottom and a strip built top. the choice of wood we used made life very interesting while trying to put the two together.

I had the typical issues when dealing with a new plan. CLC has a great set of plans but I tend to overthink things and make it a bit harder on my self.
Stitch and glue hull

Waiting for the hull to dry

Forms for the strips

Adding the strips

Joining the deck to the hull

prepping for fiberglass


Drying the epoxy
 We also used a cheaper material for the plywood, a 1/4 inch luan with an oak face. this caused odd bending and stresses where the designers didn't intend.
Test paddle

Strips were cut from your run of the mill cedar from a big box store and the walnut accent strips I had on hand.

Overall a fun project, the owner is happy and waiting for spring!