Thursday, March 17, 2005

Woo Hooooo

Finally the day has come. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning getting a new toy. Today I am going to pick up my new table saw from Sears, the old one finally died.
My old saw was a craftsman 10" benchtop model that I got as a Christmas present 10 years ago. It has been a good saw more or less, of course there are always a couple of problems, I had to use blade stabilizers to keep the blade from wobbling and the top was just to small to rip anything over 9". Well, good riddance. I finally made the jump up to a 3/4 cabinet saw, large 42" table, nice fence. I still have to put it together and had to have a friend come over and help me get it out of the truck without bouncing it. The guy at Sears put it in my truck with a forklift (should have been my first clue). I figured I could take it apart and move the pieces separately. The thing is bolted into a metal crate and weighs 300 lbs! I couldn't turn it over let alone lift it out of the truck. Oh well, sometime this weekend I will get a chance to put it together..... I'm kind of like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.... can't wait!

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