Monday, October 31, 2005

Wow Progress!

I finely made some serious progress on the shop this weekend. Finished the north wall in the milling section, hammered on some siding from an old grainery, and installed some lumber storage racks. Used old oak chairs bolted to the wall, makes a great rack. I also put together some floor joists in the rafters to put down a floor in the attic, I'm going to use that area for storage. I'm also going to make a couple of storage racks for 8' stock up there as well. The big challenge was to install the folding stairs in the ceiling, the used ones I have didn't have a frame anymore. Oh well a little redneck engineering and I have them in place. well its the last day of October and still no snow! The weather has been just to nice, I wont have to burn much propane if this keeps up.

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