Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ahhhh Winter

Winter has come at last, strange that its mid November with above normal temps. If you talk to the old farts they always tell you that back in my day it was -40, 20ft drifts and uphill both ways in the middle of September. Oh well I'm not complaining, kind of nice actual. People are freaking out that the worlds going to end with global warming and stuff. But with the bite the wind has today, I'm not to concerned. A little snow covers the grass today, kind of neat the way the wind blows it in snake patterns along the highway. It wasn't a quiet snow, wind gusts up to 40 mph, coming at you sideways, in tiny crystals, stinging your skin, melting when it hits the ground and leaving a layer of ice on everything. Today's breeze is enough to take your breath away and cold enough to fog your glasses when you come inside. Makes you appreciate a hot cup of coffee and warm boots.

The shop is cold today, with yet another busy weekend I don't know if ill get in there or not. I better check the level of propane in the tank.. I'm looking forward to progress over Thanksgiving.

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