Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy New Year

Its the beginning of 2006 and we just returned from an extended vacation to California. To my dismay we received about 10" of snow which is nomal for this time of year. However the county snow plow decided that my fancy mailbox was just to nice and wiped out the entire row of boxes! This is typical of my type of luck, try to do something nice and someone has to run it over! Oh well, life goes on. So I have a lot to accomplish this year, this would be a partial list, ill have to check back and see if I "got er done" or not.

shop stuff

  1. attic floor
  2. attic lumber rack
  3. paint room benches
  4. paint room cabinets

House Stuff

  1. re-shingle roof
  2. new deck
  3. outdoor kitchen
  4. fireplace hearth
  5. fireplace mantle
  6. fireplace enclosure

I'm sure my wife can think up some more as well.

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