Friday, February 08, 2008

Ideas are a brewin!

it appears that winter time does leave one to contemplate the leasure activities of warmer weather... im planning on a camping trip this summer with the family to the hills and we want to take a couple of atv's along to cruze the logging trails... the problem is how to load two atv's on a short box truck and pull a camper at the same time.... or do we do the tent thing and pull a trailer with the atv's on that... either one will work but what would be best?

right now im thinking of pulling the atv's and building a box for the truck to handle all of the gear and kitchen stuff... somewhere between a Adventure Trailer and a King Kamper

a friend has given me an old popup trailer, which i plan to strip down to haul the atv's on. Im hopeing the stove and interior stuff can be reshaped to fit the ultimate camp box and have a fold out/slide out kitchen of sorts. perhaps even have drop legs that would allow me to slide the thing out of the truck and position it around a camp site or something.

i already have a yard long list of things i want to include, but you know how the best of intentions usualy turn out....

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  1. I'm certainly looking forward to summer. Used to do the canoe trip - portage thing but getting too old and fat for that. The pals and I have already reserved a wonderful remote cottage for a week in August. Oh... yeah...