Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fantasies in Wood

I have finally found the one wood working project that has totally captured my imagination, even though I live in South Dakota – the farthest you can possibly live from an ocean in the United States - I want to build a sea kayak. This weekend I found a book by Nick Schade, The Strip-Built Sea Kayak.

The process is so simple, the costs are reasonable. I have the space, but never the time. I have the tools and the talent. We are surrounded by plenty of lakes and rivers to use the kayak, im thinking of an 11’ boat like this…. This is a picture of a Little Auk built by Jean Yves Drouet from France. Thanks for the picture Jean, I got it from the Guillemot Kayaks site….

This might even be better than my idea of pet caskets!

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