Friday, September 25, 2009

Been Busy

this week has been pretty good. i talked myself into getting a table at the local farm toy and doll show. i think i can put together an inventory quick enough to look respectable. ill be selling fence sections, gate sections, some cute water tanks the same scale as the fences. i want to have 10 rubber band paddle boats and i need to put the finishing touches on about 10 cars yet... and just for fun i am doing 5 magic wands... and oh yea, its firewood season again. we have about a quarter put away but a lot of work to do yet.


  1. Do you find a joyful satisfaction in being busy with honest work?

    I have found such myself, but only in short doses because my work only remains honest in short doses before lack of discipline leads me astray. I pray that such discipline will come and that the joy will persist; that it is not mere novelty!

  2. Joyful is such a strong emotion to associate with work, even a hobby... i feel satisfaction with a project completed, pride with a job well done, happiness when a child reacts to a new favorite toy. discipline is nothing more than working towards a goal. if the goal is worthy enough the discipline will follow...

  3. Thanks for the advice. The last sentence particularly intrigues. It is an idea that I will be keeping in mind. In fact, I'm writing it down.