Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A little more

Made a little more progress this weekend on the kayak. The lofting is now complete, next step is to cut out the pieces and smooth out the final shapes. Then will trace out the shapes on the other panels for the other side, cut and smooth. I would have spent more time on it but we got hit with a blizzard and the shoveling was a lot of fun.

hours spent so far...  7


  1. Wow. We got obliterated by the snow demons too recently. I have a challenge for you!

    Too many young people are packing up their instruments because they perceive that musical pursuits are in conflict with more legitimate career pursuits, or otherwise losing sight of their musical dreams. Too many beautiful songs will not get written! Please help me try to change that:

    Please blog about the most meaningful musical experience you’ve had in your life; an event, song, album, band or concert perhaps. Maybe it was music of your own creation. Anything in the realm of music which changed you or inspired you or was very special in some way: Your own proof that music is a positive and vital part of the human experience.

    Please include the following links in your post so that your readers may also have the opportunity to participate!

    or email: newday.rising@live.com

    Thank you for considering this challenge!


    1. hmmmm... sounds interesting. have to think about it...