Monday, March 25, 2013

Hull glue up

Spent a couple of hours tweaking the hull and trying to get it perfect. I got it flipped over with a little help and squirted epoxy into all of the seams. One of the things i noticed while working on it, is that the  stems really suck. i think once i get the hull fiber glassed and the end pours in place, i will cut off the stems and replace with a single piece of hardwood and carve it to fit. i just don't like the look of the plywood stems. I have also decided that this boat is going to get a paint job. The quality of the plywood is just not good enough to clear coat and  there area a lot of tear-outs from drilling all of the holes.

so here is my idea of a fun paint job. and if anyone has ideas for other graphics like a sea turtle or orka or something that has to do with a "mother-ship" let me know.
time spent thus far... 40

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