Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Skinning the Yack

Now that the frame is complete, it is time to put some sort of skin on the kayak. The choices are numerous and the methods varry but staying with the philosophy of Roger's Woodworks "I can do this cheep" I found a good solution. I am using a painters canvas tarp 9x12 that I picked up from Menards for about 13 bucks. The process is pretty simple, cut out the cloth roughly to shape, then start in the middle and staple and stretch it to the frame. I did this in two pieces, hull and deck, and I will hide the overlap with a strip of cedar screwed to the gunnel. Next issue is to make it water proof. I used a primer paint to fill the weave of the cloth first. You could even use a waterproofing paint that is used in basements. The paint did raise a lot of threads, but a few minuets of sanding (lightly) takes the rough edge off. Next I will put t a couple of coats of the finish paint on, sanding between to build up a nice finish.

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