Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Im Back!

Wow I really suck, I haven't been here since May! Oh well, just not a lot going on in the shop over the summer. But now its ICE Fishing season, which is just another reason to drink schnapps!

 So I decided I wanted to fish in comfort this season, even though our lake has few fish in it this year. I couldn't afford the fancy wheel systems and because I live within 100 yards of the lake anyway, I just built a pair of skis out of 2x10 material. Then using 2x4 framework I built a 6x8 platform to start out.
Particle board left over from another project completes the deck and four holes to fish out of. I found an old tow bar that I mounted to the sled with big bolts and brackets. And just for fun I installed an outdoor rug.
Lots to do yet; heater, door, walls perhaps a roof and quite possibly even insulation...

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