Thursday, May 18, 2006

May is almost gone

Time, Time, Time....
must be the biggest problem I have, lots of projects and no time to get it done. I haven't been totally lazy this last month. All of the typical spring activities and getting the garden ready. The hearth project is moving slowly, I am making my own tile out of field stone. Cutting slices about a half inch thick. The colors are wonderful from red, black and green granite.
I also had to rebuild the step for the garage entrance, I used recycled cedar from an old granary I tore down. Surfaced planed the boards and plugged the nail holes. Turned out really cool.
oh well, this is all the time I have for this month. I wont get back into the shop until June. Working cattle this weekend, removing a garage next weekend and building a new garage for my brother the week after that.....

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