Thursday, June 29, 2006

What happened to June?

June is gone and now its July! Man the time just flies when the wife is cracking the whip!
I have lots of things to do so I will just do a quick update and get back to work.

the garage project went rather well, the walls were actually plumb. We didn't get to the shingles but its pretty amazing how much work we accomplished in a week of 12 hours days. The project did expand a bit to include a 30x16 cedar deck enclosed with walls and roof. (matching the house was tough) someone didn't know the diff between 2.72/12 and 3/12 pich. Then we did another deck 8x30, the garage itself was 30x32 with 10ft walls.. For a couple of guys that hadn't even built a dog house before, I think we did pretty good. We did get shut down by a couple of thunderstorms.... Something about being on a aluminum ladder and lightning.....hmmmmm what was that? But it did give us a chance to drink a beer or two... Normal people have fun on their vacation, I seem to build stuff!

meanwhile I'm still waiting for the in-laws contractor to install a couple of windows before I can install a couple of false walls for the new shower and utilities. Go figure, that project is expanding too.... Now we get to paint the whole house! Oh well it keeps me out of the bars at night....

shop notes:
finally unpacked my tools from the garage project and decided I needed to install my chop saw with vacuum connection the right way. So I build a box in the wall behind it to run the vacuum line and came out under the bench for the blast gate... Should work great. I also installed the roof fan for the summer, I swear it was 500 deg up in the attic....Whew!
gotta run, have fun hammering!

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