Friday, March 09, 2012

Day Three

Today's challenge was both harder and easier than the previous two. The question is to list eight people who mean a lot to me and why (no particular order). How does do you choose just eight? There are at least a hundred more that I could list, but here are eight of them.

1. Mr Spock, who taught me logic.
2. Dad, who taught me engineering.
3. Uncle Sam, who taught me leadership.
4. Mom, who still collects newspaper clippings of me.
5. Family, who keeps the drama rolling.
6. Magnum P.I. good guys always win.
7. Mr Irons, who taught me music.
8. McGuiver......yea! I Know!


  1. Hiya - I followed you here via FWG's challenge. I am writing my eight people post right now, and planning to cheat exactly because I couldn't pick just eight.

  2. i think cheating is the theam of this challange. the 20 top albums is impossible...