Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Day one

Ten things to say to ten different people right now. In no particular order and without any context..

1. You know it might just be easier to be normal than to use so much energy to add drama to everything in your life.
2. Just because you don't want the hassle, doesn't mean that a project can't be done.
3. You have to want the help, before it will mean anything to you.
4. Please speak in full sentences, I can't read your mind.
5. Really? been there and done that.... didn't turn out so well did it?
6. Lets make this reunion a great party.
7. Darling it would never work out between us.
8. Shut it.
9. Just be a kid.
10.Working every day isn't the end of the world and the paychecks aren't bad either.

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