Monday, March 12, 2012

Day Five

Another little mind game in the FWG reflections challenge. of course I'm a day late with this one but here we go.
How to spend 5 million dollars that were won in the lottery....

I think the first $200K would go to paying off the mortgage and all of the bills and perhaps a new car for the wife. Next on the list would be the immediate family's greatest needs, I think I would tell them that I would cover their biggest obligation. I have no idea how much cash that would take but just for fun lets call that a cool million. Then I would start looking at farm ground, in our area it could average around $3,000 an acre, so 640 acres is going to cost $1,920,000. Machinery and tractors are not a cheep item so we are looking at another $1,000,000. And that would leave about $800,000 for operating expenses and the rest goes in savings.
Pretty depressing when you think about it... 5 million just doesn't go as far as it use too..

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