Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 11 My perfect house

How much space do we really need? How much stuff do you really have to have? As a disclaimer I do have a large garage and a large woodshop that are both separate buildings. But if I ever found myself alone, I would build and live in  a house like this.

This is the Weebee house plan from

House width: 8' Porch: 2 ½' x 2 ½'
House length: 15' Main Room: 6' x 6 ½'
Trailer Size: What's this? 7' x 14' Kitchen: 4 ½' x 4'
Road Height: 13' 5" Bathroom: 4' x 2'
Dry Weight: What's this? 4900 lbs Ceiling height: 6' 3"
all measurements are approximate Loft height: 3' 8"

The Weebee boasts the wonderful bump-out windows in the front. The interior is completely finished in pine with stainless steel counters. The exterior of this house is finished with cedar plank siding and an corrugated aluminum roof. Yes, when it rains, you can hear it. The Weebee can also be finished with board and batten siding or corrugated aluminum.

Living Room

The "living room" is flooded with light from all the windows surrounding the front of the house. The stainless steel fireplace warms the house amazingly well. The nook is large enough to store a day bed, futon, or small couch.


The kitchen features a sink, 2 burner stove top, refrigerator, and ample shelving. Below the sink, there is a small water heater, and the refrigerator. There is also space where you can store a small toaster oven or microwave if you choose.

Can I add a dishwasher or laundry to the kitchen?
The kitchen is too small, but a washer/dryer combo can be placed in the lower half of the closet (back left of living room).


The bedroom is in the loft. It is large enough to fit a queen size bed, but that said, this house is a little small for 2 people. The mattress is foam (or like kind) so that it can be rolled up and fit through the loft opening. The loft also has shelving for clothing. At its peak, the loft height is 3'-8".


Like on many boats, the bathroom is the shower … and it is called a "wet bath". We use metal diamond plate finishing on the walls that leave it with a modern look. The shower water is heated from the small water heater under the kitchen sink, and can last about 5 minutes.

The toilet is a low flush RV toilet designed to conserve water. You can easily substitute a composting toilet.


  1. That's awesome. I thought about a tiny house for my dream home too but another part of me wants to run a charitable live-in centre (not that I'll ever have the money for it...)